Graham Festenstein    Lighting Design

Lighting to Enhance Space, Architecture &Living 

We are an independent lighting consultancy with wide ranging experience delivering high quality work, from residential through to large-scale multi-million pound architectural projects, as well as the preparation of Lighting Strategies, masterplans and environmental assessments.

All of our work aims to balance aesthetics alongside practicality, reliability and maintainability with environmental issues and sustainability also at the core of the practice ethos. Visual creativity is coupled with sound technical knowledge to produce beautifully lit spaces that will provide many years of reliable service.

As a small client focused practice we are able to undertake projects of any size or type with flexibility and an ability to respond quickly to the needs of the project and our clients. We believe that lighting is an integral part of any design and will work closely with our clients and other design team members to ensure the project aspirations are met.

The practice has extensive experience with historic buildings, ancient monuments and the lighting of  artwork, museums and conservation items. We take pride in delivering our work in these environments with care and sensitivity.

Lighting in urban environments has the potential to enhance public space and improve the quality of life for those occuping it. In these settings we aim to deliver schemes that benefit communities, encouraging the use of our public spaces by night, increases the perception of public safety and show  off our architecture and cultural heritage as well as adding visual drama and excitement to the nightscape.

As an independent consultancy we are not linked to manufacturers or suppliers. and design work is focused on the needs of the project and the client. This gives the freedom to ensure the best, most appropriate, innovative and exciting lighting can be attained on any project for the budget available.

Milan Design Week - Samsung Photo B-ReelMilan Design Week 2014- For Samsung - Photo courtesy B-Reel